About us

Are animals free and sentient beings? Or are they nothing but consumer articles? We love some as members of our families and exploit and kill others without giving a thought about their existence. Why?

We try to ask these questions and dicuss alternatives. Our goal is to trigger public discussion about our relationship with other animals, trying to reveal the connection between the practices of unlimited animal exploitation, which has become inseparable from our society, and our everyday choices. We believe that each of us has the power to make a difference.

We try to draw attention to animal suffering in all fields of human activity, but our main focus is the food production, which is responsible for the greatest number of animals killed by people. We reveal the practives of modern intensive farming, which has turned farms into factories and animals into production units. We also inform about the consequences of modern animal farming on the environment and the availability of resources on the planet. We offer veganism – or at least a major reduction of animal products – as an alternative, and provide information on the basics of correct vegan or plant-based nutrition.