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Protest against Taiji Dolphin Slaughter

We would like to invite you to a peaceful protest against killing and capturing dolphins in the Japanese Cove in Taiji.

Hundreds to thousands of dolphins and small whales are captured and killed each year during the annual dolphin drive hunt in Taiji.

For a staggering six months of every year – September 1st until March – a group of dolphin hunters herd wild dolphins from the ocean’s open waters into a hidden shallow bay, now infamously known around the world as the cove.

The hunters capture entire families, or pods, of various species of dolphins at a time in order to satisfy the international demand for captive dolphins in the entertainment industry. Those taken captive are sent to aquariums and marine parks worldwide. The remaining dolphins are killed by a hunting technique known as “pithing,” which leaves the still conscious dolphins paralyzed and often drowning in the blood of their own family members.

With this happening, we would like to show to Japanese government, that we all do care about what is happening in Taiji and urge them to immediately stop the killing of porpoises, dolphins and other small whales in Japanese coastal waters.

If the ocean dies – we die!