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World Day for Farmed Animals 2015

On Friday, October 2, 2015, a memorial service for animals killed for food will take place in several Czech and Moravian cities. The intention is to commemorate the lives of tens of billions of living creatures, ended violently every year behind the walls of slaughterhouses for a single reason — for the pleasure of the taste of meat, milk and eggs.

World Day for Farmed Animals has been celebrated around the world since 1983 on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, October 2. Participants gather at a symbolic coffin with wreaths, bouquets and candles. After reading a funeral speech, we remember the victims of livestock production by taking three minutes of silence. A funeral procession follows. We ask all participants to appear in funeral clothing (black). You’re also encouraged to bring flowers and candles.

Memorial services this year will be held in the following cities:

České Budějovice
Brno (5. 10.)

Photos from previous years can be found here.