What we do

Since 2006, we have screened the films at different cultural events in the Czech Republic, such as music festivals or conferences. In May 2007, we organised a film festival.

In April 2009, we started organising regular Friday evening projections on a major square in the city of Prague (namesti Republiky).

In November 2011, we published a new Czech booklet about veganism, which replaced the old vegan booklet, of which we have given out more than 15,000 pieces.

We also have other leaflets and stickers and run two more websites – GoVeg.cz, which explains the reasons for veganism and provide help for people who want to go vegan, and VanoceBezNasili.cz, which campaigns against the absurd tradition of slaughtering carp in the streets to celebrate Christmas. We also organise Veggie Parade in Prague.

We offer campaign materials and help to other people and groups who want to spread the word and organise events in their towns and cities (for example, less frequent street projections now take place in Brno and Liberec).